Jumu’ah and Covid-19

The ISoc Jumu’ah has been cancelled until further notice. This is inline with ISoc’s Covid-19 Safety Measures and may change as government and university advice changes. For the time being, you will have to attend Jumu’ah at one of the mosques. For the Cambridge Central Mosque, AKA Eco-mosque, you will have to book a ticket for either one of the two Jumu’ahs on Eventbrite. You can find the link on their website, or go directly to Eventbrite. Abu-Bakr Masjid, also on Mill Road, operates on a first come, first serve basis. It is closer to town, which might make it more appropriate for some people.

Both mosques have requirements such as bringing prayer mats and shoe bags, as well as wearing face masks. Please make sure you are properly prepared. Also please follow proper guidance, such as not gathering before or after the salat, as this reflects badly on the mosques, and, more importantly, poses a health risk to the whole community.

ISoc Jumu’ah

The ISoc organises Jumu’ah prayers each week during term time, and in shaa Allah we are moving to a new venue this academic year. The new venue is the exam hall located at the new Student Services Centre located at Bene’t Street, New Museums Site, CB2 3PT in the centre of town (see the map below). The Jumu’ah sermon usually begins at 1:15 pm and the prayers finish roughly at 1:45 pm, so you have enough time to get to any afternoon lectures or labs that you may have. Although do check your inbox for weekly details on time, location and khateeb. We do also usually have lunch straight after so make sure you do come for that!

Cambridge Central Mosque

The Cambridge Central Mosque, also known as The Eco Mosque, has recently opened and is a stunning work of architecture. With a near-zero carbon footprint, The Cambridge Central Mosque is committed to sustainability, with rainwater harvesting, solar energy and green transport at the heart of its design. Located on Mill Road, this mosque offers Jumu’ah prayer all year round with first adhan at 13.00 and second adhan at 13.15.

Cambridge Central Mosque

Abu Bakr Mosque

The Abu Bakr mosque also offers two Jumu’ah prayers every Friday all year round. Here at the university, we’re lucky to have a masjid in Cambridge. Located in Mawson Road, off Mill road, this mosque serves as our link to the local community and offers our ISoc plenty of support. Talks are organised weekly on Friday evenings and day courses over the holidays. During Ramadan free iftars are provided.