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University can be a daunting prospect and for a Muslim student an especially tricky period. Fresher’s week, in particular, can prove to be a quantity of unknowns and a difficult time as students try to involve themselves in college life whilst staying true to their own religious and personal beliefs.

To help Muslim students settle in as quickly as possible we’ve organised a system of college representatives to aid your integration and help you to adapt to your new academic and social surroundings. They’ll let you know about the ISoc events going on during the week, give you your week 5 welfare packs (to help you along with week 5 blues) and of course just be there as a friendly fellow Muslim face for you in your own college! The ability to speak to someone who has been through the same experiences can be extremely heartening and the prospect of an approachable face – speaking from personal experience – is reassuring.

If you can’t see a rep for your college, don’t worry! Please contact (Haneen – our SAO) and we should be able to get a rep from a nearby college, or a member of shura, to act as your rep.

If you have any questions about Cambridge please do get in contact with your college rep via email (their

College Male Rep Female Rep
Christs Arqum Anwar

Churchill Abubakar Moallim

Clare Yusuf Haque

Mariam Haji

Downing Zaki Arshad

Tanjia Chowdhury
Fitz Dawud Afzal

Emma Haider Manzur

Jabin Ali

Caius Maaz Khan

Rana Hasan

Jesus Omar Helmy

Sara Shaida

Kings Zakir Khokher

Takseen Adam

Girton Zain Charfare

Homerton Nasir Macadam

Lucy Cav Emma  Hopkins

Magdalene Ryan Riordan

Filsan Hassan

Medwards Haneen Zeglam

Newnham Miske Ali

Pembroke Yasir Choudhury

Peterhouse Walid Moujar

Fareea Ahmed

Queens Adil Iqbal

Sana Cockar

Robinson Amin Al-Hussainy

Selwyn Shiza Ather
Sidney Aniqah Bhatti

Catz Maisam Merali

Johns Fahd Omar

Tasneem Ali

Trinity Mo Razzaq

Areeg Emarah

* indicates that the college rep is an ISoc member from another college that is close by (but you’ll still be just as loved don’t worry!)