Assalamu Alaykum everyone!

Below is the list of CUISoc College Representatives for 2019/20! College reps are there to help form strong Muslim communities at every college across Cambridge, but primarily to serve as a point of call for incoming freshers. As a fresher, if you have any questions or hesitations over summer, always feel free to get in touch with your college reps, either by emailing them, or just using Facebook. They’re an amazing group of people who are all really looking forward to helping you out and meeting you all come October!

Unfortunately, not every college has both a Brothers and Sisters rep. For those of you whose college has only one rep, there are a few options. If your question is very college specific, feel free to ask the one rep listed, or if you have more general queries and would prefer to address them to a brother/sister then please feel free to get in touch with me, or any member of Shura (all our details are on the website), or even a rep of a neighbouring college and I’m sure they’ll be able to help you out!

College reps will also stay active in their roles past Fresher’s week so whenever a question or concern may arise, they’re always there for you. I pray you all find this useful and it makes the transition from home to college a bit easier.



College Male Rep Female Rep
Churchill Sohaib Ansari

Nadia Mahmoud

Clare Adnan Mahmud

Downing Usayd Hasan

Rihab El-Hussain

Emmanuel James Wrathall

Fitzwilliam Emteaz Hasaan

Israa El-dandrawy

Girton Mohamed Malem

Shamem Faizi

Gonville & Caius Jamaal Khan

Homerton Akil Chhabu

Jesus Sulaiman Iqbal

Zahra Shaikh

King’s Shuhaan Miah

Magdalene Sehrish Mahmood

Murray Edwards Aliza Zafar

Newnham Farzana Salik

Pembroke Haris Seedat

Peterhouse Haytham Hamodi

Queens’ Abu-Bakr Samad

Sanaa Cockar

Robinson Bilal Amin

Fathima Manaal

St Catharine’s
St Edmund’s Saadadden Monajed

St John’s Rahat Uddin

Rashida Uddin

Selwyn Sam Al-Saidi

Nabiha Karim

Sidney Sussex Samiul Basar

Trinity Yaseen Caratela

Suhaa Mahmood

Trinity Hall Qamil Pajaziti