Join ISoc today!

There’s no properly formal way to join ISoc, the best way to join is to get involved and meet lots of different people at our events and socials. That’s probably the easiest way to introduce yourself to everybody.

A lot of us will be at the fresher’s events so if you’re new that’s one of the best ways to greet and meet as many of us as possible. We’re all a friendly and relaxed bunch so please don’t feel intimidated about joining ISoc. Remember, we’re open to anyone and everyone whatever you perceive your own ‘religiousness’ to be!

Your college should have a rep so that’s another great way to learn more about what ISoc does. To ensure you stay in the loop it’s a good idea to join our mailing lists, you can subscribe and learn more about these on our mailing list page.

All that’s left is a final plea for you to join! I think nearly everyone who has been part of ISoc has made friendships which will last a lifetime and will undoubtedly say its been one of the most worthwhile experiences whilst at Cambridge.