If you’re fearing the prospect of a vegetarian diet or have been painfully unaware of Cambridge’s halal offering you’ve come to right the place! Whilst, we can’t claim to have a halal KFC and Nando’s like Oxford, we do have a a finger licking variety of homegrown cuisines to tickle your deprived taste buds.

Zi’s Peri Peri

What’s on the menu? Grilled chicken, burgers and pizza
What to buy? The Pizza

If we were handing out Michelin stars Zi’s would most definitely receive one for its pizza. The ISoc has members heralding from the sunny south to the barren wastelands of the north and all are unanimous in saying that Zi’s makes some of the freshest, tastiest and cheesiest pizza they have ever tasted. For those who like some heat in their lives, the ‘Mexican Meat lover’ is always a popular choice. Less risqué choices are the solid ‘Chicken Supreme’ and ‘Italian Hot’. If you ask me, that’s some good dough…

Aside from Pizza, they also have excellent Peri Peri chicken not dissimilar to Nando’s and some heavyweight burgers in the form of their Chicken Tower and Gutbuster burger meals


What’s on the menu? Grilled chicken and burgers
What to buy? Everything

Grilled chicken, grilled chicken, grilled chicken. Pepe’s is renown for its succulent grilled chicken. Not only does it present a wide menu with anything from rice and chicken to your wacky ‘BBQ sizzler’ (a popular meal amongst the regular customers), Pepe’s recently added a delivery service to feed your hunger whenever you’re tired from hall food with a minimum order of £12.

Chicken Rush

What’s on the menu? It’s a fried chicken shop…
What to buy? Nacho Loaded Box Meal

Most people tend to enjoy fried chicken. There’s little else to say about Chicken Rush, apart from the fact that they make some fine fried chicken and some of the better burgers that relatively little money can buy. The Nacho Box meal offers the best value for money with a hash brown-nacho chicken burger, wings, chips and a drink for a fiver. The proper beef half pounder, as opposed to the lamb pretenders, is also always a tasty choice. Whilst prices don’t hit the dizzyingly low heights of London and Birmingham (a) they actually use real chicken and (b) Cambridge wise the prices are pretty reasonable.

Tek’s Grill

What’s on the menu? Very big burgers…
What to buy? Large teks if you’re feeling especially adventurous

If you like burgers then this is probably the place for you. If you’re on a diet I would probably walk away as the amount of calories packed into one ‘large teks’ is more than enough to give you fast onset arteriosclerosis. On the other hand, if you’re craving two half pounders, two layers of chicken and doner all wedged together in a bun, you’ve most definitely hit the jackpot. Whilst its almost mandatory to have at least one large teks, the less frequently you do so the better. Luckily, there are various smaller offerings on the menu that are sure to hit the spot, the favourites being the small special (beef and chicken) and chicken king.

Those are our most popular places to eat, but if you’re feeling more haute cuisine, here are a couple of other places that are pretty good too:

What else?


Nivedyam  – Fine south Indian dining near Fitz and Medwards.
Renus – Standard, but tasty Indian restaurant.
Mahrani – Excellent curries when you miss that taste of home.
Raja Indian Cuisine – A pleasant choice with homely food.
Rajbelash – Indian and Bengali food restaurant. Newly opened this year (2018) so one to look out for!


Kymmoy – A delicious Chinese noodle bar and restaurant.
Mai Thai – Fantastic Thai cuisine.

Turkish and Mediterranean

Tulip – Another standard yet solid Turkish restaurant
Merhaba – Great Turkish restaurant but a little on the pricey side. Normally the place to go for a birthday within Cambridge.
Bedouin – A risky choice, treat the olive chicken tagine with extreme caution
Al Casbah – Great Algerian inspired food with a huge grill where your food is cooked in front of you
Agora at The Copper Kettle – A slightly upmarket Turkish restaurant which serves as a trendy café during the day and Mediterranean restaurant come night.
Lokum – Pretty good food near the Grafton Centre just in case you were doing a little shopping or living there.
Carlos – A bustling kebab house serving Turkish classics and western fast food.
Panshee Grill – Great for kebabs and they deliver too.
Lagona – Great for a quick, cheap shawarma.
Rotana Cafe – Definitely a place which has something for everyone, including nice dessert!


Nanna Mexico – 2 locations within the town centre. Probably the best place to go if you have afternoon lectures. Be careful though as only the chicken is halal!


Crepe Affaire – The chicken is halal and most of the desserts are too!
Creams Cafe – If you are keen on desserts, you definitely know about their milkshakes and waffles.