For such a small city, cambridge has a lot to offer. From world class museums, to breath taking architecture and easy access to anywhere by foot or bicycle. Nevertheless, finding accommodation can be hard so inshAllah this guide will make things easier.

How to go about finding accommodation?

Most colleges offer a wide variety of accommodation so contact your college or look on their websites as a starting point. If you are an undergrad, your college should provide you with accommodation for all your undergrad years here in Cambridge. Whilst most colleges also offer accommodation for postgrads, this varies between colleges.

The university also has an official website to help out with accommodation so make sure you check it out! They are the accommodation finding department for the university and have a wide range of properties provided by both the University of Cambridge and private landlords. Be extra cautious if you are using any other site as there are also a number of scam websites offering accommodation.

We have also made a google form to try and help muslim students find either accommodation or other muslim students also looking for accommodation, all you have to do is fill out the form below! details filled out on the form will be made available to other muslim students also looking for accommodation. (ISoc takes no responsibility for any of the property advertisements placed on here or for the checking of potential tenants).

If you are looking for accommodation fill out this form:

If you have a property you want to rent out to muslim students please fill out  the following form:


Where to Live and general advice

The University of Cambridge is made up of several colleges, faculties and departments. These are found all over cambridge with a concentration of institutions in the centre or Cambridge and to the west.

Find out where your departments, faculty or college will be first and aim to live within easy access. Most places in the centre have excellent access by foot or bicycle as Cambridge is quite close. Cambridge also has frequent buses around the city and out to nearby villages. Find out more details about transport on the Visiting Cambridge website.

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