Fresher’s Guide 2020

Welcome to Cambridge!

We hope you have a fantastic time inshallah. On this page you’ll find our Fresher’s Guide 2020, which has a lot of useful information, including a “day in the life of a Cambridge student” video, to help you settle in nicely and make the best of this wonderful time of year. As always, if you do have any questions, or need anything at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

A Message from the Student Affairs Officer

Assalamu Alaykum and welcome to ISoc!

I’m Rana, your Student Affairs Officer, and that means I’ll be heading up all the things Fresher related this year. I can’t wait to meet you all in October insha’Allah – we have loads planned to welcome you to Cambridge and to ISoc!

Make sure to join our Freshers Facebook group before you arrive to keep yourself updated but more importantly, come find our stall at Freshers Fair to hear more about what we’ll have going on and meet us in person! Our timetable of events for Freshers Fortnight will be coming soon – there’s a lot going on in the first few weeks to help you all meet each other and keep you having fun even as the work sets in.

If you have any questions or hesitations about life at your college, check out our list of college reps who are always happy to help! Even if you don’t necessarily have any questions, feel free to get in touch to introduce yourself and get to know, and be a part of, the Muslim community at your college.

If there is anything else at all you want to chat about either before coming down or during Freshers Fortnight, the ISoc Committee are always available.

What does ISoc actually do?

Our ISoc is one of the largest and most diverse societies at Cambridge. We have a growing membership of over 500! In order to cater for all our students, we aim to organise a host of different activities, services and events to engage and bring together the Muslim community in Cambridge. In short, there’s very little that the ISoc doesn’t do!

We organise talks by renowned scholars, social events, sports competitions, film nights, charity work, dawah, interfaith events, Qur’an and Dhikr circles, a whole range of entertainment, and a lot more. What’s more, we hope to continuously improve on what we already offer as it’s through this constant development that we are able to enjoy the dynamic society we have today. So if you have any ideas, if we’ve left anything out, feel free to start something up!

Charity Week Dinner 2018


Studying at Cambridge is intimidating, demanding, intense, but is more often than not very interesting and maybe also fun! At first, the learning process and exams will seem daunting, but as with all aspects of life here, the ISoc does their best to help! Our society is full of older students studying a range of subjects who are happy to help answer questions, give advice and perhaps even share resources amongst the younger years.


As well as being given an amazing opportunity to enhance our academic knowledge, and to gain other worthwhile skills like debating, writing and time-management, we also have a wonderful opportunity to embark on a parallel path of spiritual learning, to benefit us in this world and the hereafter, Insha’Allah.

To help in this important aspect of life, ISoc runs weekly study circles with short talks given by more knowledgeable ISoc members and students from the Cambridge Muslim College, followed by Q&A sessions. Circles from the previous year have included: tafsir of important surahs from the Quran, and topics covering pressing issues related to students and student life.

General talks are organised throughout the year and open for all including members of the public. In the past, a whole variety of intriguing and relevant topics have been covered. What’s more, the prestige of Cambridge University often draws in highly reputable speakers to deliver these talks. Here at ISoc, we aim to continuously develop and improve what we offer our members. Last year, we were lucky to see the addition of regular Arabic and tajweed classes, and hopefully these will continue and remain open to all.

Refresh your hearts; for when the heart is coerced it becomes blind.

– Prophet Muhammed (PBUH), narrated by Ibn Ma’sud

The social scene within ISoc

Despite the Cambridge stereotype, university isn’t just about work and no play. We all need to chill and take it easy every now and then. To help you do just that, ISoc organises plenty of events throughout the year full of appropriate fun!

Iftars are organised during Ramadan and we organise dinners to celebrate Eid together. But social events don’t just stop at special occasions. ISoc offers weekly activities, including brothers’ football and various sisters’ activities including varsity sports with Oxford University . Last year, brothers and sisters enjoyed a rewarding hike up Mount Snowdon in Wales, alongside Oxford University ISoc as part of our Charity Week initiative. Movie nights, paintballing, punting and plays at the ADC theatre have all been on the cards too, and we’re hoping to extend this list!

We also hold an annual Garden Party to celebrate the end of exams, and so we have a chance to all come together and relax! Traditionally, we have a barbeque, so there’s plenty of yummy food. There are usually some fun and games, including inflatables – either a bouncy castle or sumo wrestling suits!


In keeping with the mentioned Quranic injunction, the Islamic Society of Cambridge caters to Muslims from different schools of thought and various backgrounds. The Diversity Committee specifically organises events in line with Shi’a practice for those who follow Ja’afari fiqh. Some of the events we organise include:

  • Weekly prayer meetings on Thursday evenings and recite Surah Ya-Seen and Dua-Kumail

  • Meetings in keeping with the various important dates of the Islamic calendar
  • Majalis during the first ten days of Muharram, if this falls during term time
  • Events are also organised outside term time especially because graduate students often have to stay in Cambridge during the holidays.

Members and non-members of ISoc are welcome to our events. If you would like more information about such activities, please e-mail the Vice-President Ghifari

Taste of Life at Cambridge

Want to find out more about life in Cambridge? Check out a day in the life of a current Muslim student, Zainab, who discusses the role of ISoc in her university life.