Shura (شُورَىٰ) is the Arabic word for mutual consultation. It is of such importance in Islam that a chapter of the Qur’aan is named after it: Chapter of the Mutual Consultation (Chapter 42). In the 38th verse Allah is describing the believers and mentions that they are those who have their affairs determined by consultation among themselves.

Following this Quranic advice we are open to any and all suggestions and questions so don’t feel shy to contact us on the emails listed below, In Shaa Allah (Allah willing)!

Qamil Pajaziti
Qamil PajazitiPresident

Bio: President

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

I’m a 2nd year medical student at Trinity Hall. ISoc has been a key part of my time here alhamdulilah, it was the first society I came to and I’ve been heavily involved with them since. The space that ISoc provides is incredibly valuable for the spiritual and social needs of muslims at the University and I hope to use my experience to cater these needs in the best way possible. For all members, future and present, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions, I am only in this role to serve you inshaAllah.

Maryam Mahmood
Maryam MahmoodVice President

Bio: Vice President


I’m Maryam and I study HSPS at Downing. I joined ISoc as soon as I arrived in Cambridge because I’m a sucker for community vibes and believe that forming Muslim friendships is one of the most important and worthwhile things you can do. Alhamdulilah, ISoc has served as a sanctuary for me; providing a space for me to be myself in a comfortable, welcoming and engaging environment and so I hope to foster that same sense of environment for others insha’allah.
Outside of ISoc, I enjoy writing (hence the degree), binge watching Netflix and daydreaming about one day travelling the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

James Wrathall
James WrathallTreasurer

Bio: Treasurer

1st Year AMES

I study Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies at Emmanuel College, and adding Hindi this year iA. As a revert from a small town, ISoc has been amazing for me to meet so many Muslims the same age as me. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and the events have honestly been the highlight of my time here, ever since the Pre-Fresher’s before I even got here.

I’m from a village in Essex called Mistley and went to school in Colchester. As my degree suggests, I find languages, history and religion really interesting, especially in the Middle East. The ISoc has put on some brilliant educational events which have really helped me explore and understand my faith better alongside friends. I also do some rowing with my college and had fun applying for University Challenge with our Emmanuel team last year.

Farzana Salik
Farzana SalikEvents Officer

Bio: Events Officer

ٱلسَّلَامُ عَلَيْكُمْ


First year Lawyer from Newham, East London (big up) → Newnham College, University of Cambridge.

ISoc highlights: being blessed to be a part of a community that emphasises spiritual development through worship, supports and rationalises my thoughts when I’ve needed it the most, and never fails to make me laugh my nights away!

3 things I try to live by:

1.       Have faith– your Lord is with you, and He will guide you through.

2.       Keep your aspirations high and heart firm on Qadr of Allah – what is meant for you will never miss you, and what is bad for you will never meet you

3.       Connect the hearts and minds around you through the remembrance of Allah –

Rahat Uddin
Rahat UddinPublicity Officer

Bio: Publicity Officer

As Salamu Alaikum! My name is Rahat, I’m a first year Natural Scientist at St. Johns and I’m your Publicity Officer for this year.

Coming to Cambridge I was very scared to leave behind the strong and established Islamic community where I live (East London) but alhamdulillah the ISoc quickly filled that void. I found that we aren’t just a society, we’re a family; lol I know it’s cheesy but it’s true.

Outside of academia I enjoy playing with my cats and my Nintendo Switch, reading and annoying my siblings. All of which I do during intense procrastination.

If you have any questions about what the ISoc is up to or anything related to Cambridge life etc then please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m on my phone more than I should be so expect a speedy response!

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Ghifari Pradana
Ghifari PradanaSecretary

Bio: Secretary

Assalamualaikum, I’m Ghifari and I am a first-year engineer at Trinity College.

The combination of moving from Croydon to Cambridge and being a Muslim in the modern world, I was shy and nervous, ISoc welcomed me into their community: giving me new friends, new experiences and a new found confidence in my religion.

A bit typical but I love football, playing or watching, real life or FIFA. I’ll try to host a tournament or two in the year. On top of that, I like to do some programming(or at least try), tasting new food or just simply talking to people, everyone’s got a story.

Now, as secretary I am dedicated in ensuring ISoc maintains its friendliness and good spirit for everyone, giving my service wherever I can. So, if you need any help, just drop me a message.

Sehrish Mahmood
Sehrish MahmoodStudent Affairs Officer

Bio: Student Affairs Officer (SAO)

As-salāmu ʿalaykum!

My name is Sehrish, I’m a first year lawyer at Magdalene and I’m your Student Affairs Officer. Whether you’re a fresher in need of a helping hand, or someone in need of a chat, I’m your go to. Joining ISoc has taught me so much already and I can’t wait to, with our amazing shura, see what we can accomplish in the upcoming year!

Being a law student means a decent amount of my time is taken up by exploring the likes of the British constitution and all that good stuff, but when I get a free minute I love baking (yes, I’m that basic) board games (Monopoly all day everyday) and relaxing with family and friends

Abu-Bakr Samad
Abu-Bakr SamadEx-officio

Bio: Ex-officio


I’m Abu-Bakr, a second year Law student at Queens’ and this year’s Ex-Officio. Having previously served as Treasurer, I am most humbled to have been asked to serve the Society once more.

From the very beginning, the Society has most definitely been a home for me. As I arrived in Cambridge, the Society was quick to embrace me, and has since occupied a fond place in my heart. Most certainly, it is the open, friendly, and warm community that always has and always will define the Society. I sincerely hope that in your time here, you too will get the opportunity to become a part of this most wonderful atmosphere, and please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask questions.

And if you’re from outside the M25, you’ve got a non-Londoner in me.