On a journey, the leader of a people is their servant.

– Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)

Meet the Shura Committee

Feel free to contact any of us for whatever you need, questions or concerns. We are always welcoming new ideas for the ISoc!

Mohammed Samiul Islam
Mohammed Samiul IslamPresident

Profile: President

3rd Year Medicine

College: Fitzwilliam

ISoc Highlights '18/19

‘Charity Week dinner…The atmosphere at this event particularly moved me because of the resonating sense of community I felt. Watching my friends, from across colleges, subjects and years, rise up for charity and support our global community was a strikingly emotional experience.’

Aims: President

  1. To develop our religious understanding:

    Muslims have a great intellectual heritage that is often overlooked in our modern world. I hope, for myself and others, to make us cognizant of this as well as to develop our practical understanding of the religion

  2. To construct actionable long-term goals:

    I believe in a process of collating, filtering and developing longer term goals for the specialised parts of ISoc (e.g. the social action side, Charity Week etc.) as well as more general goals (e.g. inter-university collaboration).

Maisam Merali
Maisam MeraliVice President

Profile: Vice President

4th Year Natural Sciences

College: St Catherine’s

ISoc Highlights '18/19

‘Probably EIW (Explore Islam Week) because of the amazing vibes throughout. So many people from a variety of backgrounds came together!’

Aims: Vice President

  1. Continue positive work of the previous Shura

  2. Ensure ISoc runs as smoothly as possible

  3. I’ll oversee the subcommittees and head the annual Charity Week

Abu-Bakr Samad
Abu-Bakr SamadTreasurer

Profile: Treasurer

2nd Year Law

College: Queens’

ISoc Highlights '18/19

‘The sense of community and the amazing opportunity for spiritual enrichment.’

Aims: Treasurer

  1. To foster closer ties with colleges

  2. To improve opportunities for intellectual development and research within the society

Sulaiman Iqbal
Sulaiman IqbalEvents Officer

Profile: Events Officer

2nd Year History

College: Jesus

ISoc Highlights '18/19

The people. I’ve met some of the most intelligent, inspirational and genuine people ever through ISoc and I’m certain that many of the friendships I have formed will be life-long. The support network that exists amongst people who have the same core beliefs as you is exceptional and unparalleled.’

Aims: Events Officer

  1. To organise ISoc events that unify, educate and inspire

    Both its members and the wider university community

Rihab El-Hussain
Rihab El-HussainPublicity Officer

Profile: Publicity Officer

2nd Year Law

College: Downing

ISoc Highlights '18/19

‘I have absolutely loved my time with ISoc this year. The people I have met, conversations I’ve had and just the family that has come out of this place is unbeatable at Cambridge. My highlights would definitely be: climbing Mount Snowdon for Charity Week,  interfaith lunch and open-mic night during Explore Islam Week!’

Aims: Publicity Officer

  1. To keep ISoc members informed

    About events, opportunities and all the ways to interact with ISoc. Remember to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – exciting things to come this year inshAllah!

  2. To expand the ISoc voice

    Broadening our reach into university spaces and ensuring that we have a voice in our own narrative as Muslims. We’d love to hear from anyone interested in blogging, vlogging, journalism etc. to contribute creatively in helping ISoc grow

Qamil Pajaziti
Qamil PajazitiSecretary

Profile: Secretary

2nd Year Medicine

College: Trinity Hall

ISoc Highlights '18/19

‘Since starting my course I have been completely involved with ISoc. As the source of pretty much all of my friends, as well as hosting most of my extra-curricular activities, I can definitely say that it has improved my experience at Cambridge and brought me closer to my deen. Providing a platform for us to practice openly and providing the incentive to learn more about Islam has given me a whole new insight into my religion, and so I must say: Alhamdulilah for ISoc!’

Aims: Secretary

  1. To contribute to ISoc wherever possible

  2. To fulfil Secretary duties

    Sending out the weekly. email and heading the Outreach and Activism subcommittee

  3. Expand the homeless outreach programme, providing more to those in need

Tanjia Chowdhury
Tanjia ChowdhuryStudent Affairs Officer (SAO)

Profile: Student Affairs Officer

3rd Year Medicine

College: Downing

ISoc Highlights '18/19

The people! Continuing to meet and learn about people in the university, who you otherwise might never have met, has definitely been a highlight. ISoc has allowed me to build strong friendships with a wide range of people, as it’s introduced me to people, especially outside of my college, with the numerous and diverse events it hosts’

Aims: Student Affairs Officer

  1. Retain the community-feel:

    Events and welfare initiatives that ensure all students feel welcome and included in the society. From freshers arriving in Michaelmas, to the long-standing members of ISoc, I want to ensure the society supports everyone!

Aiman AslamEx-officio

Profile: Ex-officio

4th Year Medicine

College: Downing

ISoc Highlights '18/19

‘Having been Vice President of ISoc, it has been an amazing, inclusive space for all Muslims and I am so grateful to have been able to benefit from the support it has offered me, both spiritually and socially, during my time here. I am excited to see ISoc continue to flourish and make big movements in the coming year insha’Allah!’

Aims: Ex-officio

  1. To ensure stability in the transition from last year’s committee

    As the representative from the previous shura, I am here to make sure things run smoothly.