Tell us about your experiences!

ISoc is excited to announce the relaunch of the ISoc blog! This is a blog for you to share your own personal reflections about being a Muslim in Cambridge. This blog serves to give prospective students and freshers insight into the lives of Muslims at Cambridge University. Additionally, it will be a platform which we can use to respond to current affairs and engage with all matters pertaining to ‘Cambridge-ing while Muslim’. We recognise that each ISoc member has their own views, their own stories and their own opinions to share. For this reason we would like to open up the blog to anyone and everyone who would like to write for it.

A post can be about anything but here are some ideas:
– Your journey: tell us about your freshers year at Cambridge, or any year for that matter. When did Cambridge start feeling homely (if it ever did)? How did you find making friends? What were some of the challenges you experienced?

– Current Affairs: If something is on your mind whether it is with regards to international or local politics, share your opinions with us.

– Burning Issues: If there is something you have been thinking about for a while, and need a platform to share your thoughts, this is the place! It could be environmental concerns or issues of social justice.

– Tips/Advice: Whether it’s a funny story about when you had to explain to a stranger the reason you were washing your feet in a public bathroom, or some reviews on where the best halaal food is, this is the place to post it!

– Alumni Stories: if you want to pass on your wisdom to current and future students at Cambridge.

Whatever it’s about, let us know! Submissions can be sent to Rahat ([email protected]) or Maryam ([email protected]). We look forward to reading them soon!

Ramadan is here!!

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Behind the Veil

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Surviving Islamophobia

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by Nabila Idris One chilly evening this Michaelmas, a group of drunk men accosted a friend of mine in front of the Cambridge railway station. They patted her on the head, ruffled her scarf, and leered, [...]

That Token Black Guy

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by Abubakar, a fourth year chemical engineer Navigating the intersection of being both Black and Muslim in the UK is more difficult than it may appear. The black community in the UK predominantly identifies as [...]

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