Explore Islam Week 2018 is just around the corner! It will begin on the 19th and finish on the 24th February, with an event planned for each day.

Our main goal for this years Explore Islam week is to reclaim the negative narrative surrounding Islam. We want to give students at Cambridge University a chance to share their experience of their faith to not only educate non-Muslims, but to inspire. We are aiming to counter misconceptions and to promote tolerance through constructive dialogue. The week is an opportunity for people of faith or of no faith to learn more about a religion that is frequently discussed in the media. This year we are fortunate to be sponsored by Teach First for EIW – they are an inspiring educational charity aiming to help young people create a social impact!

Here’s a short summary of the events we have lined up for you:

Monday 19th – Lessons of compassion from the Prophet’s (PBUH) life
Cambridge Union, 4-6pm

World renowned historian, Karen Armstrong, will be delivering a talk about Islam’s Holy Prophet (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the world’s most influential figure – this talk will include a short history of his life, and the key lessons we can learn from it.

Tuesday 20th – Homeless Outreach with Jimmy’s Shelter
Christ’s College, 7-8pm

Every week, ISoc does a homeless outreach evening where we serve food to the local homeless population. This EIW, we hope to run this on a larger scale inviting everyone to get involved! We hope to engage with Cambridge’s homeless population, serving meals and potentially handing out blankets. This is to emphasise charity in Islam – a key principle of the religion, while at the same time doing some good!

Wednesday 21st – EIW Exhibition Night
William Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex, 7-9pm

Similar to last year, we are hoping to begin with an exhibition. Last year the exhibition had five key stalls centred on the five pillars of Islam. This year we are building on this with a few additional stalls:
– 5 pillars of Islam
– Muslim innovators
– Islamic Art + Calligraphy
– Muslims all over the world
– Different sects of Islam
– Islam on the environment
– Famous Muslims
The event is open to all – students, local residents and university staff. Throughout the exhibition we will be serving food, doing free calligraphy and henna for you!

Thursday 22nd – Is Islam an empowering force for Women?
TBC, 7-8.30pm

The topic of women in Islam is full of misconceptions – this panel was organised to shed some light on the truth about this issue. The panel will be hosted by TV presenter Aina Khan, with further panellists including Shakya Safia, Sumaiyah Manzhoor and more! The goal of this event is to give Muslim women a voice to talk about their faith and how it is an empowering, rather than oppressive, force. It will clear up misconceptions, while shining light on the amazing and inspirational women of Islam.

Friday 23rd – Open Mic Night
Graduate Union Lounge, 8.30-11pm

The open mic night is a step up from previous years’ poetry nights – this is a space for our Muslim students to showcase their talents from poetry, to nasheeds, to comedy. It will be great, relaxing evening for all to enjoy and wind down the week.

Saturday 24th – Interfaith lunch
St Paul’s Church, Hills Road, 12.30-3pm

The interfaith lunch is the perfect way to end the week – all are invited to this event where we hope to promote a friendly environment for all members of the community to share food together and get to know each other better! More details to follow!