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ISoc was founded to serve the spiritual and academic needs of Muslim students, and, most importantly, to foster feelings of brotherhood and sisterhood amongst each other. The result is a vibrant and inclusive society which is based on our mutual beliefs and strengthened by our friendship. Remember, everyone is welcome , whether you are Muslim, interested in Islam or simply looking for a friendly face!

The strength of our relationships, initially forged through faith, is maintained through a regular calendar of events of both a social and Islamic dimension. A typical week involves an informal circle, Quran workshops and staple social events, such as Friday Football. Naturally, as bonds develop informal socials arise spontaneously and the frequenting of the ‘local establishments’ fast becomes the norm. Events of a bigger scale also feature throughout the year and range from inter-faith discussions, talks from esteemed scholars, to explorations of Islam’s wider influence on society and intellectual thought.


One of the most important events in ISoc’s calendar is ‘Explore Islam Week’ which consists of a week-long schedule designed to provide – for the benefit of Muslims and non Muslims – a lens into Islamic life and explore issues which arise in contemporary debate about Islam.  The week aims to be diverse and cover a spectrum of topics – items below were just some of those in EIW 2019. Click HERE to find out about our latest events.
  • EIW Photo Series
  • Explore Islam Exhibition
  • Interfaith Lunch
  • Islam’s Contribution to the World
  • Open Mic Night
  • Are Religious Values Relevant?
A scene from our May Week Garden Party 2013
We also aim to get speakers, of the highest order, who critically engage with issues whilst remaining approachable. This year was no exception and we were delighted to host the likes of Mustafa Briggs, Azeezat Johnson, Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad, Zia Salik, Aaliyah Shaikh and Hasan Spiker, to name just a few.

Another notable event in ISOC’s calendar is Charity Week, which involves a weeklong effort to raise as much money for charity as possible. The week is a testament to Islam’s focus on helping each other and helps inspire a spirit of goodwill in everybody. One of the most eagerly anticipated occasions is May Week as not only does it represent the end of the exam period but also marks the arrival of ISoc festivities, including our Eid Garden Party and Leavers’ celebration.


Call to the way of your Lord using wisdom and beautiful preaching, and debate with them in the best of manners.


As Muslims we should be continually active in spreading the message of Islam to those around us. Our ISoc takes a multi-faceted approach by organising school visits, inviting an array of speakers to deliver talks on Islam and our regular ‘info desk/Da’wah Stall’ in town where leaflets are distributed to interested members of the public, as well as encouraging them to ask questions.

The pinnacle of the ISoc year is EIW or Explore Islam week – 7 days packed with different talks and events, all in the aim of encouraging learning and discussion on Islam amongst members of the university and the wider community.The general public are also given the chance to attend the weekly Jummah prayers and in recent years each EIW has included an exhibition, celebrating Islamic art and culture.


Millions of people around the world, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, are living in absolute poverty with many suffering acutely due to war and natural disasters. Those of us who have been blessed by Allah in living comfortably with food to eat and a roof over our heads have a duty to those who are suffering.

As students at university we are in a position to really make a difference. Our ISoc is actively involved in charity, running a variety of projects to raise money for the needy. Our busiest week is of course, Charity Week – a week coordinated by the Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) where ISocs all over the UK do their very best to raise as much money for orphans and needy children, as possible through different activities and events.

This year Charity week will run from the 21st to the 27th of October. We have some really cool things planned including selling Krispy Kreme donuts and a sponsored climb of Mount Snowdon. To get involved, contact our CW reps:

Yusuf Haque (yaah3@cam.ac.uk), Tasneem Ali (ta429@cam.ac.uk), Asma Ibrahim (ai337@cam.ac.uk), Sumaya Yasmin (sy365@cam.ac.uk), Hunainah Mansuri (hm606@cam.ac.uk) and Abdullah Shakeel (as2864@cam.ac.uk).

Community & Access

ISoc is also involved in a host of community activities and regularly helps organise joint initiatives. A current aspect of this is helping with fundraising for the Cambridge New Mosque Project through events such as the Biennial Dinner.

Another thing we’re really enthusiastic about is encouraging Muslims to apply to Cambridge and helping them take advantage of its many opportunities. We’re proud to have hosted some access days but realise there’s a lot more we could be doing and, inshallah, we’ll strive to improve so more of you get the breaks we did. Click HERE for our prospective students’ guide.

Your ISoc

This provides a snapshot of ISoc’s work, but there’s a lot more where that came from, whether that be our very own magazine, Ar-Risaalah, or the Siblink initiative. Please do explore our lovely site for more details! Remember, ISoc is yours! So if there’s anything you’re happy or unhappy about, please get in touch and help us build ISoc to where we both want it to be!